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Things You Can Do to Earn Supplemental Money Without Dropping the Fun Tag

Doing things that lets you earn money while enjoying it at your free time is fantastic. It’s a perfect way to add some cash to your pocket as well as enriching your experience. All you need to know is where, when and how to look for it. To help you ease your search, here are some jobs that will help you earn money without dropping the fun tag.

Festival workers (more info –

Imagine enjoying free music, encounters with celebrities, free food and free products while getting paid? Every now and then, festivals are held and it would be nice to work at one. You can look online on popular recruitment sites or try to get in touch with event staff agencies that send staff as festival workers. You can also sign up as a volunteer and get freebies as compensation, which is not bad as you’ll be working while enjoying your favorite festival.

Freelance works (more info –

Freelancing is like offering yourself on something you’re interested at. If you love children, you can do babysitting. If you love mowing, you can offer your mowing skill on other people’s yards. You can do car washing, pet/house sitting or anything that you can think of. You can do it at your free time or whenever your schedule allows you to do so. The best part is you can set your price and always have the last say whether to do it or not.

Online jobs  (more info –

If you’re an internet fanatic, there’s a lot of online jobs that can occupy your time and skill. You can do clicking ads for a penny, per pay task (most of these are simple internet job like clicking links, commenting on blogs and forums, liking pages or trying out games or applications).

If you have  writing skills, you can write original blog posts  for websites owners and get paid at your free time or create your own blogs/websites  and get paid by Google through ads and sponsorships.

Crafting/retailing works (more info –

If you have an artistic hand and can do something beautiful and artistic, you can sell them on selling/retailing shops online like eBay or Amazon. You can also join crafting sites as most of these craft sites have communities where members help each other by holding craft sales and auction events for all projects done by members. You can create craft tutorials for knitting, crocheting or sewing and earn from Google ads or sponsors’ links.

Playing games (more info –

If you love bingo, you can look for a bingo site with no deposit offer and get started playing for real money. You can buy a ticket that usually costs as low as a penny and aim at winning the daily bingo prize that is a good sum of money. You can also play free bingo with points to earn. These points can be exchanged for free bingo tickets or for small tokens that can add excitement on your collections on your display cabinets. If you have some poker skills, you can make use of it to play in poker tournaments on some casino sites and earn some amount of money or win free cruises, holiday packages or the fat jackpot itself.

There’s an endless ideas of  earning supplemental money while still having fun and the bottom line is knowing where and how to look and of course when to go for it.

Roommates: Sharing the Cost?

roommatesFor those of you who have been reading CMP for a while, you know that I’ve had a few roommates while living in the DC area.  I’m picky about my roommate situations.  The two lovely ladies I lived with were both people I knew personally prior to becoming roommates.  In one case we were friends, in the other, she was friends with my younger sister.  In both cases, I knew these were good people who would be good to my cats and take care of my home and not rob me blind.  My last roommate even moved with me from my apartment into my house.

While roommates inevitably come with some complications, it was certainly nice to have the added money every month.  So there wasn’t arguing over who owed what, I just charged my roommates a flat fee, and took care of utilities myself.  I figured if I found out my roommate was taking 7 hour showers, then we would have to have a conversation, but otherwise, it was fine.

Searching for a Roommate

When my last roommate moved out, it was certainly a hit to my budget.  Definitely still manageable, but that was a huge chunk of income gone every month.  But I wasn’t ready to just move in any stranger.  I just let it be known that I had an open room and if a friend or a friend of a friend needed a place.

This past week, it looked like someone was going to take me up on that offer.  And without even talking to her in detail, I started thinking about all the things that added money could do.  I thought about where all the current furniture in the guest room would have to go.  I wondered how she would feel about my bike in the living room.

And I found myself researching what it would cost to have a cleaning person come in twice a month.

Yes, the first thing I did when I thought about added income was to figure out how to spend it.  Never mind that I’m on a no-spend month (and failing miserably) because my expenses have been exceeding my (spendable) income.  Never mind that I keep thinking about all the big things I want to buy or the funds that I should increase.  I immediately went to “What can I buy with this?”


(Though in all honesty, a twice monthly housekeeper would be amazing.)

Of course, the whole thought process was for nothing because my friend moved in with a family member instead, which gives her the chance to save money.  But it has made me really think about what has happened to my financial thought process.  I used to be so much better about saving.  Where did Frugal Megan go?

Maybe Frugal Megan should think harder about finding a roommate.  One without four legs and a tail.

Why UAE Banks Want Customers to Learn Financial Literacy

Multiple banks within the UAE have begun working on programmes to help customers be more financially literate.

There are a range of campaigns which have been created in order to provide education on Islamic finance, lending, mortgages; and any other financial aspect you might encounter in everyday life as a person living in the UAE, from finding the best credit cards to setting up a bank account.

Why it’s important

The aim behind it all is simple – for people to have a better grounding in understanding the workings and technicalities of financial literacy. It is considered more important than ever, following the global crisis, which is when a lot of the ideas behind these programmes originated, as a reaction to the aftermath.

What banks are doing

UAE Banks have pooled their resources into providing education for their customers – and their customers of the future too. Experts will advise children in schools and universities; while consumers can receive tips from financial literacy tours visiting shopping malls; and it is even in the pipeline for it to be taught within the curriculum.

Money management is one of the most crucial things a family can learn together, so that each generation has a certain level of understanding in managing their personal finances. And when it comes to running their own business, then business banking knowledge is essential to ensure your venture doesn’t fail before it’s started, simply due to financial illiteracy.

Examples of campaigns

Al Hilal Bank signed a deal with Emirates National Schools to provide to 5,800 students with a grounding in financial literacy in Islamic finance. Meanwhile, Visa Middle East spoke to the Ministry of Education to introduce it as a subject into the schools’ curriculum, available in various different languages.

The Emirates Foundation, which was set up by the Abu Dhabi Government to facilitate improved welfare for the population of the UAE have also been busy making plans. They are working with financial experts, banks and the private sector to create ‘Isrif Sah’ (Spend Right) – a programme of 100 Emiratis, trained to advise on personal finance – and which is eventually hoped to travel around the country.

The proof

Experts are saying that studies following the recession showed debt and a misunderstanding of financial knowledge to be prominent issues. One study in particular that was reported by Abu Dhabi University revealed that of the 200 people surveyed on their decision making skills, just one person out of those 200 answered all the questions correctly.

The survey included asking participants what a credit card was, what a debit card was, and for them to work out discounts and interest rates. So, all important skills for coping with financial implications arising from everyday life situations, and therefore something that people need to learn to help protect and improve the economy in the UAE for everyone. If this starts with learning to use a loan calculator and ends up with a consumer feeling confident in applying for the right amount of money, then it all helps the population by enabling everyone to be better at money management.

A Free Gift for Casino Fans

There is lots of buzz in the air with the launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple enthusiasts are certainly well pleased with the launch of these new high-tech mobile smartphones. Known as Phablets – phone tablets – players will be able to enjoy much larger screen sizes in 4.5 inch and 5.5 inch models respectively. This is great news for online gaming fans who have long been calling for bigger screen sizes, HD graphics and superb audio-visuals in their games. While they haven’t quite made their way to Main Street yet, these Apple smartphones are guaranteed to ignite tremendous interest from a growing base around the world.

Recently, Apple entered into a lucrative agreement with China Mobile to launch its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Phase 1 has been completed and the next step is for the Chinese government to approve the widespread release. Back in the US, demand for the new iPhones has ignited a flurry of interest among tech gurus. Apple is presently taking orders, and the rollout is expected in late September, early October. Priced at $199 over a two-year contract for the iPhone 6 and $299 over a two-year contract for the iPhone 6 Plus, there is high demand for these gadgets. If you’re looking to enjoy quality online casino gaming, these devices certainly top the charts.

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Features of the Caesars Casino App

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As a new player, you can power up your smartphone or tablet, login to your account and claim a generous $10 free signup bonus. Once you’re logged in, there are scores of games waiting to be played including slots, progressive slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and others. Players can wager anywhere from as little as $0.01 and enjoy a full spread of chance-based games and games of skill. Examples of top titles include Grand Monarch, Blackjack, Monopoly Plus, Cleopatra, Quick Hit Platinum, Ghostbusters, Sushi Express, Jacks or Better, and The Vanishing Act. Plus, all of these benefits can be enjoyed with the full confidence that Caesars Online Casino has been approved for real money gaming by the Department of Gaming Enforcement in the state of New Jersey.

Real Money Play & Big Rewards at

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Cutting the Cord

I’ve considered canceling my cable before, but I’ve never done anything about it.

Last January, I did ditch the movie channels because I realized I just wasn’t watching enough of them to make it worth it.  They do certainly make it tough though, with the great tv shows that HBO and Showtime have been putting out.  But I realized that it was just as easy for me to wait for the shows to come out on DVD or on Netflix.  Even if I had to purchase the shows on DVD rather than just renting them, it was still cheaper than keeping premium cable channels.

I’ve been doing more research into canceling cable as of late, and I’m finding it pretty tempting.

I don’t watch a lot of television.  Well, let me take that back.  I don’t watch a lot of television sitting in front of the tv.  I do watch tv while on my bike trainer or on the treadmill, and as winter grows closer, I’ll be spending more time working out indoors rather than outside.  I’m almost never watching live tv, however.  I’m watching something that I recorded on my DVR or a movie of some sort.  On occasion, I’ll have football on, but that clearly depends on the day.

I do watch a lot of tv on my computer, however.  While I get ready for work in the morning, I watch something on Netflix or Hulu.  I often do the same in the evenings while cooking dinner. It’s just something to have on in the background.  I’ve never been the sort to just sit and watch tv.

Part of the reason that I haven’t cut the cable yet is because I’ve got a discounted plan from the cable company that includes phone and internet.  Clearly, internet isn’t going anywhere, and I like having a home phone number.  I’m not the sort of person who carries her cell phone around the house when I’m home, and if I’m not careful, I end up burning cell phone minutes talking with family and friends.  It’s also good to have with my alarm system.  If something happens and the alarm passcode isn’t entered, the alarm company calls the house.  It’s not going to work as well if they call my cell and it happens to be a pet sitter at my house.

I’m currently on a promo plan with the cable company, and I think I’m going to look into cutting cable when that promo is up.  It depends on just how much money I will save without the television option.  If it’s a good amount of money, clearly it’s the right choice.  If it’s between $10 and $20, I will have to debate whether or not it’s worth it.

I’m also going to look into indoor tv antennas.  My television is probably about ten years old, so I will likely have to look into getting a digital converter as well, but it’s definitely something that I should research.  The one thing I don’t want to lose is the ability to watch local news.  While I don’t watch it daily, in an emergency or even in bad weather, it’s nice to have around.

Have you cut the cable cord?  Has it been worth it?