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Downward spiral for the economy and for PF bloggers?

Over the past few days, I have heard from more than one person that the economy has them so stressed that they’re doing everything they can to avoid thinking about it. Which means that they’re not checking their investment account balances, they’re not reading the business section of the news, and they’re not reading personal finance blogs.

I understand the feeling.  I look at my investments once a month to update my net worth (I figure I’ll be glad I did it later, when I can see just how much things have bounced back) and there are days when I just turn off the news in the evening because I don’t want to hear about the stock market.  And I admit, there are days when I open my blog and I just don’t know what to write about.  Everything is such doom and gloom and I know you don’t want to read it and I certainly don’t want to write it.

I don’t know if avoidance is the best solution, to be honest.  On one hand, I’ve decided to not change my retirement contributions, so looking at the numbers won’t make any difference except to cause a bit of anguish.  So avoidance is good there.  On the other hand, it’s good to realize what’s going on because it makes me remember just how great my life really is.  Yes, times are tough.  But I have enough to eat and I could afford to buy gifts for my family for Christmas (though I didn’t spend much), and I will get to spend the holidays with friends and family, and my job is safe for the most part.    Really, I don’t know that I have all that much to complain about.

So maybe thinking about the economy is a good thing because it reminds us that even though times are bad, we’re lucky.  And maybe it inspires us to help those who aren’t quite as lucky.   Of course, I understand if you choose to not read the news and start skimming personal finance blogs like this one.  I’m not offended, and hope that you come back when you’re ready to dive back in.

5 comments to Downward spiral for the economy and for PF bloggers?

  • I was one of the people that responded earlier about not looking at my IRA or 401(k) balances. However, we have continued to put as much into my husband’s 401(k) as before (it’s a great time to invest money). I don’t think it’s avoiding the problem…it’s just not being stressed or worried about how much you’ve “lost” when there’s no reason to worry…we have 30 years until retirement. I know that there’s a bad economy, and I’m taking measures to save money and to help others out who need it. If anything, I read the personal finance blogs more now than before. I also wish that we had more money to invest into the market right now while it’s down.

  • budget save buy

    I stopped looking at my finances from August-October when I thought the worst was here, but in November I finally decided to face it. It sucked seeing how much I lost but I think it’s better to know than to not know. Recently I actually started reading more books about investing. Since the market is low I figure now is a good time to learn more about where to wisely put my money.

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  • I’m still reading PF blogs, but I’m sick to death of hearing about the crappy economy everywhere! Can we at least hear about how the market went up 5% the other day?