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Cardboard Box Chic

That’s my new decorating style.  It’s pretty fabulous.  Boxes as seating, boxes as decorations, boxes as tables.  Cheap, but not so durable.

Unpacking is going slowly, if you haven’t figured it out.  Part of the problem is my social life.  Oh, I know, my life is so hard.  Actually, it just happened that months ago, I made commitments for Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend, which meant I was out having fun (in the ridiculously cold weather) and not inside unpacking boxes.

As expected, we’ve found a few quirks with the house.

First off, we were inundated with pill bugs.  I did a bunch of research and ended up cleaning up the flower beds near the house and caulking underneath the door.  Voila!  The pill bug problem has all but vanished.  I just have a bit more caulking and sealing to do and I think we’ll be golden.

We discovered that the plumbing was essentially backwards in the master bathroom – so in the shower, the hot water was cold and the cold was hot.  Not a problem if you have dual handles.  Which I don’t.  So I had to have that fixed.

Then, using my powers of observation and Google, I discovered that the hot water heater was connected backwards.  That was a bit harder to fix, but it’s been taken care of.  I actually got in touch with the seller’s realtor and ended up not paying a single cent to have that fixed.  After all, they marketed the house as having a brand new hot water heater.  Not so great when it’s installed improperly.

I’m sure there will be more quirks appearing, but I’ll just have to wait and see on that one.  Next step is finishing the unpacking.  One of these days, anyway.

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2 comments to Cardboard Box Chic

  • Sounds like slow going. I just bought a new place a month ago and was still unpacking boxes last night – mainly because my dad is coming to stay this weekend. No problems yet, I’m keeping an eye out. It’ll be strange not being able to just put in a maintenance request…

  • Just remember… they say that 90% of what you’re going to do to a new place happens in the first two months. After that, people start to get used to everything. So at least take care of the broad strokes… Or boxes WILL become your furniture. 🙂