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Quick and Easy Ways to Lower Your Bills

easy way to lower your billsIf you’re looking to save money, one recommendation from many financial experts is to check out your bills and figure out what you don’t need.  Are you paying for any services you don’t use?  Do you really need that Netflix subscription?

But what if you’ve looked at all of those things and decided that yes, while it’s true that you don’t need a Netflix subscription, you really would like to keep it, and you can’t figure out any other things you can cut.   However, maybe you have a busy summer coming up and don’t expect to be watching much – consider canceling your subscription temporarily.  Don’t worry, Netflix will always take you back.

Then it’s time to look at how you can reduce what you’re paying on those bills.   Unless you’re getting DVDs from Netflix by mail, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to reduce that bill.  But what else do you need to stream Netflix?  That’s right, internet access.  How much are you paying for that access?  Take some time to call your internet company and see if there’s any way you can reduce your bill.  Maybe they have a promotion running that they can put you on.  If your company also has an online chat option, use that as well.  Sometimes the phone reps and the internet reps have different deals they can offer you.

Do you also have cable TV?  Consider dropping some of those extra channels (or consider dropping pay TV all together).

How about your cell phone – what do you pay for your data plan?  How much data do you use?  Do you pay for an unlimited plan but find yourself using less data than you thought?  Could you save by going to a limited plan?  A few months ago, I looked into my cell phone plan and realized that my carrier had changed their plans – so for $5 less, I could have more data.  Clearly, I switched.

When’s the last time you talked to your insurance agent?  Give them a call and see if you can reduce your costs for your home/renters/auto insurance.  If you want to take it a step further, do some research into other insurance companies and consider switching to a new company.  Just make sure you’re not skimping on coverage.

How about medications?  Now this one is not to be taken lightly, but if you’re on a regular prescription that still costs a pretty penny even with insurance coverage, have a chat with your doctor.  For example, I was on a medication that cost me $100 each time I filled it – but I could fill it with a 30 day supply or a 90 day supply for the same price.  Clearly, I saved money if my doctor prescribed a 90 day supply.  Ultimately, I ended up switching to a medication with a much lower copay.  Obviously, this isn’t an option for everyone, and you should always listen to your doctor, but it never hurts to have the conversation.

Though it’s not always the most fun, take a look at your recurring bills and see if you can whittle down the costs a bit.  Remember, even if you save $10 each month, that’s $120 a year.  If you can do that on a few bills, the numbers add up.


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