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Getting Risky

The other day, J. Money posted about how he’s planning to start buying stocks again.  I commented that buying stocks scared me a bit, but it got me to thinking.  I’m not in a position to start heavily investing in the stock market, but I think it might be a good idea to take a […]

2008 Dollar a Day Results!

Throughout 2008, I put $1 a day into a high yield savings account.  Well, in theory.  In practice, I transferred the funds once a month.  In 366 days, my account is now at…


Okay, so it’s only an extra $5.22 in interest.  But it was an easy way to put away close to $400.  I […]

July Net Worth Update (-0.03%)

Barely any change in my net worth this month.  Of course, I’d prefer some upward movement, but we’re really not talking much difference at all.  I suppose that’s a good thing – it was an expensive month, with car insurance and renters insurance coming due.  Of course, August won’t be better with the annual vet […]

A Dollar a Day April Update

After four months, my Dollar a Day account is up to $121.46. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s not felt like much while I was putting it away either – so it’s been a pretty easy way to build up a little savings account.

Still debating what, if anything, is going to happen […]

Dollar a Day – February Update

After two months, my Dollar a Day account currently contains $60.08. $60 in contributions and $.08 in interest income. Just over $60 saved, painlessly, in two months. Sure, it might not seem like much. And putting just $1 away really isn’t all that much. But it really adds up quickly.