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2008 Net Worth Results!

Well, this post isn’t as exciting as the title makes it sound.  My net worth did not grow in 2008.  In fact, it is down 3.09%.

My goal was to grow my net worth by 25%, which was a lofty goal to begin with, but I never thought I would fail this spectacularly.

What happened?  Well, that’s […]

December Net Worth Update (+2.84%)

Well, 2009 was filled with ups and downs, which I will discuss in a different post, but December added on a high note (at least when compared to November).  My net worth increased by 2.84%.  Not bad at all!  Looking at the numbers, this is partly due to a slight bounceback in the market and […]

August Net Worth (-0.6%)

For the most part, I knew August wasn’t a great month.  My net worth is down almost 0.6%, which really isn’t much, but it’s down rather than up.  Looking at the breakdown, the loss in my cash accounts and the loss in my investment accounts are almost exactly equal. 

It was a high spending month with […]

May Net Worth Update (+8.22%!)

This month was a great month for my net worth. It increased by a whopping 8.22%!

Ok, so that was mainly due to a very generous gift from a family member that is being tucked safely away.

Aside from that though, my investments are continuing to rebound. It’s slow going, but it’s at least moving […]

April Net Worth Update (+2.14%)

April was the best month for me financially. My net worth increased 2.14%. Again, the majority of this increase was due to investments continuing to bounce back, but my cash accounts also showed an increase – which tells me that I’m saving more than I’m spending. The YNAB plan is clearly working […]