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No more books!

I think the editors of Lifehacker were looking directly in my direction when they referenced this WikiHow on how to stop accumulating books.  I have discussed here before about how I seem to continually accumulate books and I have officially reached the point where I’m not sure where to put them anymore.  Of course, if […]

Kindle Review

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a Kindle.  Not the most frugal of gifts, but man, is it cool.  I am definitely a convert.  Oh, I plan to continue to buy books in paper form, and I have a huge box of unread books under my bed, but the Kindle is a great […]


This weekend, I broke my pact to not buy any books for the rest of the year.

What happened, you ask?  Simple.  I walked into a bookstore.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I walked in to look at the selection of 2009 planners, just to see what was available, and walked out with two […]

Saving the Economy by Dieting?

Over the past week or so, various news organizations and bloggers have been writing about the idea that if we all just went on a diet, we would be improving the economy.  Sound crazy?  Well, in some ways, it makes sense.

I think it’s fairly obvious that if you cook at home rather than eating out, […]

Free Books in Bite Sized Chunks

I like free stuff.  I like free stuff a lot.  I especially like useful free stuff.  I love when companies are giving away useful promotional items, like fancy pens, chip clips, and nice magnets.

I also love books.  Free books are a bit harder to come by.  That said, the internet contains a wealth of free books, […]