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How Sound Is Your Budget? 26 Ways To Make Your Money Go Farther

Today we have a guest post from fellow blogger, Jon from Money Smart Guides.

Many of us know that the best way to get out of debt and put your financial house in order is by setting a budget. The idea behind the budget is to understand how much money you bring in every month and […]

Blue Apron Review - A Non-Chef Takes on Meal Prep

I am not a great cook.  I freely admit this.  But I would love to become a better cook, and so when the opportunity arose to do a Blue Apron review, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve actually been using Blue Apron on and off for a while, but I was excited to learn more […]

How to Calculate Expenses

If you hope to create an accurate budget, you will need to know how to accurate calculate your expenses. The good news is that doing so is as easy as knowing what qualifies as an expense and how to use a calculator. Let’s take a look at how you can calculate your expenses and give […]

Creating a Budget While Paying Down Debt

Most Americans have accumulated debt in some form, whether it includes an auto loan or with credit cards. Although accumulating debt can increase your credit score, it can also accumulate quickly and be difficult to pay off while putting you at risk of bankruptcy. To pay off the debt in a realistic timeframe and obtain […]

The Latte Factor - Does It Work?

A few years ago, a personal finance “guru” coined the term “Latte Factor.”  The basic premise is that small expenses add up and by simply cutting out your daily latte, you could be saving thousands of dollars each year.  Then, you just invest that money instead of spending it on your daily coffee and voila! […]