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Is Your Credit Holding You Back?

I don’t think I have ever experienced as much humiliation as when my wife and I decided we needed a bigger home. I was her husband and had promised her father I would always take care of her in any way I could. Yet, at that time, I was the only thing holding her back.

After dating […]

Is FreeCreditScore.Com a Scam?

Update! From Experian’s PR team, apparently, they’ve changed their scammy ways!

“I wanted to clarify that we do indeed offer a free FICO credit score.  There is no credit card requested and no required membership to enroll in. 

Also, in our product, an Experian credit report is completely free.”

I still recommend using  It’s free, it’s […]

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit scores.  Mysterious numbers that mean so much when you’re trying to get a loan, say for a house or a car, but numbers that a lot of us don’t understand.  There are a lot of tips out there about how to improve your credit score, and a lot of them are very bad, in […]

Financially Fit FAQs: All About Your Credit Score

You never really think about it until you need a loan — your credit score. What is it and why do you need it? What’s a good one and what constitutes a bad one. Here are some answers to your most pressing questions.

What’s A Credit Score and Report?

A credit report is often thought of as […]

Rescue One Financial Reviews & Helps You With Your Credit Before Applying for a Loan

Your credit history is a major factor that comes into play when you’re applying for a personal loan. The lender will check your credit history to determine whether you qualify for the loan and the terms you qualify for. Companies like Rescue One Financial of Irvine, California help you to repair your credit and get […]