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Storm Damage

This is not my house.  But it is a photo I took while driving around the area yesterday (you can see my side mirror in the shot).  It’s hard to tell, but that tree is on the roof of the house.

I am very lucky that my house was not […]

The American Dream?

I’m going to talk Politics.  I never talk politics, because after living in DC for five years, I kind of hate politics.   But there is a financial issue going on right now that I find interesting.

A big thing during Presidential elections is the release of the candidates’ tax records.  Obviously, it’s good to know that […]

Snow plans.

Back to work today.  Looks like things are slowly getting back to normal, though the roads are still a mess with giant piles of snow.  I’m hoping the sun will help melt some of it over the week so I can get outside to run this weekend.  I’ve got a ten mile run scheduled in […]

Okay, I'm Going a Little Crazy

Six day weekend.

It is literally blizzarding outside.  Seriously.  The forecast includes the phrase “life threatening blizzard conditions.”

Needless to say, I’m not at work right now.  I never thought I would say this, but I am ready to go to work tomorrow. I feel like such a slug.  I’m not getting any of the exercise I […]


So we’re supposed to get 16-26 inches of snow by tomorrow night.


I’m kind of bummed that it’s happening over the weekend.  Snow days are much more fun when they’re during the week and we get some time away from work.

The grocery stores here have been INSANE.  Of course, it doesn’t help that one county was […]