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Mortgages, Credit and Loans: Strategic Steps to Start Saving Even When You Owe Money

It is easy to think that you can’t start saving money when you have debts to pay and regular bills to keep up with, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

All that is needed is a change of mindset and a greater understanding that even saving small amounts of cash each month can soon […]

Escape the Trap of Debt in a Sensible Way

Debt can be a trap. It can lead to desperate measures as a solution to the problem. If you find yourself in financial difficulties even though you are working and have a regular income you may resort to a number of different courses of action to relieve yourself of debt. Identifying the problem is a […]

How To Avoid The Debt Trap

Buying on credit can be part of good financial planning … or it can lead to disaster. Many South Africans have learnt this lesson the hard way. It’s almost impossible to live totally debt free. Used wisely, credit is a great way to make life easier when cash is short. Unfortunately, it can also lead […]

Life After Debt

The following is a guest post from Tisha Tolar.  Ms. Tolar  is a writer for, where she provides information about credit card consolidation, debt relief and how to get out of debt.

For years many consumers have been in denial regarding their debt and personal finances.  This was made easier by the almost guaranteed availability of […]

Content with Credit Card Debt?

The more I learn about personal finance and the more people that I talk to about money, the more I realize that I have grown up with a very atypical view of credit cards.  I think that has helped me more than I ever knew.

I have always been aware that people regularly carry balances on […]