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How Will the Economy Affect Travel for US Citizens this Year?

Globalism has led to a culture whereby we are comfortable with travel outside of the US. Traditionally, Americans have taken their annual vacation inside the US. A Gallup poll conducted ten years ago revealed that only 19% of Americans travelled outside the US for their vacation. This situation has changed somewhat in the last decade. […]


As I have discussed here before, I’m a Federal Employee. And I’m not sure how much press this is getting outside of the DC Metro area (the DMV as it is often called, though I believe that acronym is taken by a much more painful entity), but we’re looking at a government shutdown. Why? Because […]

Federal Pay Freeze

At work right now, the big talk is the federal pay freeze.  As a federal employee, this affects me, and I have to admit, my reaction is “Well, it sucks, but it’s only fair.”  I honestly can’t complain.  I know that I’m lucky to have a job and to not be worried about layoffs (though […]

What do we owe them?

So I’m sure we all know someone who is currently out of work.  Maybe they’ve been laid off, maybe they’re a recent grad still looking for a job.  Maybe you’re one of those people.

My friends and I have been discussing the current unemployment level quite a bit.  In a discussion among employed friends, we got […]

“Recessionista?” Seriously?

Twice over the past week, I have seen advertising discussing the latest and greatest fashions for the fall season – all “inexpensive Recessionista style!”

Recessionista?  The word in itself is kind of ridiculous.

But the best part was that the items for sale were not anywhere near what I would consider inexpensive, frugal, or appropriate for someone […]