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Why Student Loans Are a Valuable Investment in Your Future

When you think about student loans, you probably think about debt right? Many students do and because there has been a large number of debates about how much student loan debt there is, you automatically think of student loans as a negative thing. Before you completely toss the idea of student loans to the side, […]

Save Time And Money With Do My Assignment Services

Many people find writing assignments very difficult to complete. The research involved, the rules that must be followed, and trying to find enough information to reach the proper paper length all combine to add to the frustration felt when people attempt to complete writing assignments. The professionals at take the hassle of out of […]

Oh no!

Today, I got this e-mail from a friend.

I’m writing this with tears in my eyes.We came down here to England for a short vacation and i was mugged at gun point last night,at the park of the hotel where we lodged.All cash,creditcards and cell were stolen off me.Thank God we have our life and passport.

I’ve […]

Choosing a Path

Graduation season is upon us again.   College graduates are making their way into the working world (or trying to, at least).  High school students are heading off to college (or into the workforce).  It’s a scary time to be in either of those positions.  It used to be that you would finish college and have […]

A bit of different advice for graduates

It’s graduation season once again.  I know a number of people graduating this year from both college and graduate school.  Some have jobs, some don’t.  Most are glad to be done with school, though the idea that graduation means that you have to think about being a grown-up is weighing heavily on their minds.

I was […]