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What is Emergency Savings For?

You hear about emergency savings all the time.  You should put away money for emergencies.  And since people so often say that you should try to save three to six months worth of expenses, it naturally follows that emergency savings must be to pay for what you need in case you lose your job, right?

Definitely […]

Using My Emergency Fund

A few weeks ago, I talked about the importance of an emergency fund.

This past week, I got to use mine.

On Monday, Memorial Day, I was at home, getting some projects done in the house, and I noticed that it was getting pretty warm in the house.  I figured that it had something to do with […]

Are You Struggling to Save?

Saving money is tough, but it’s important.  And still, lots of us are struggling to save. We manage to make ends meet, we put away money for our retirements and we pay off our student loans.  But are we doing one of the most important financial tasks: saving for an emergency?

A recently released poll indicates that […]

Building an Emergency Fund

During the holidays, a lot of people in my office were out on leave.  That left me as the ranking person on my team, which meant that when a coworker called in sick, I was the one who she contacted.  Though never required, she told me why she was going to be out of the […]

Being Prepared for Anything

Last week, a coworker was checking her bank statement and discovered that her most recent paycheck was short.  Significantly short.  As she had worked the full pay period and hadn’t made any changes to her withholdings, this didn’t make sense.  So she immediately pulled up her paystub (ours are all available online).

Somehow, her exemptions (both […]