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Online casino is a billion dollar business today

People who do not follow the trends in the online world may never have even heard of online gaming. They may hear about this sector for the first time when they find out about the fact that this niche is now managing to sponsor professional sports teams, since online casinos are specifically doing this because […]

Netflix Five Month Review

Back in April, I signed up for Netflix.  I let myself get talked into it, but I figured I would try it out for a while and see what happened.

So far, I’m a happy customer.

I’m on the three DVDs at a time plan right now.  I started out with two, bumped it up to three, […]

Lifestyle inflation?

(Still on vacation, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave the blog completely empty.  Enjoy!)

One of the things that personal finance gurus and bloggers alike warn against is lifestyle inflation.  Lifestyle inflation happens when you get a raise or move to an area with lower rent or somehow come into more money than normal and […]