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Parent Teen Time: Budget-Friendly Things You Can Both Enjoy Doing Together

Having teenage children is always going to bring new challenges as they start to take that step from childhood and into the realms of becoming a young adult. But despite the fact that they might sometimes seem to want to shun your attention, you can still find things to do that give you some quality […]

Beach Weddings on a Budget: Simply Stunning Strategies for Stretching Your Dollar

Planning a beach or outdoor wedding isn’t always seamless, but you can still have a beautiful wedding day, even if Mother Nature decides to bring rain your way. Here are some tips on how to plan a beach wedding on limited finances, and still make it stunning for everyone.

Choosing a Beach Wedding Dress

Bear in mind […]

The Holidays Are Coming!

If you haven’t noticed by all of the commercials, the holiday season is on its way.  That’s right, the time when we celebrate family and friends and faith… and oh yes, presents.

Don’t get me wrong – I love the gifting part of Christmas.  I love giving gifts (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy receiving […]

Family and Money. And Greed.

My parents have always done their best to make sure that my siblings and I are treated equally.

We joke about it sometimes, but it’s definitely appreciated.  As we’re all now adults, I try to remind them that if one of us needs financial assistance, they can help that sibling without feeling indebted to […]

You don't have a will?

I am a bad personal finance blogger.

I know I should have an estate plan.  I’m a lawyer.  We learned about these things!  I even have a family member who is an estate planner (No, I do not expect him to do this for free) so I don’t even have to go hunting for someone to […]