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How to Utilize Aggressive Tax Strategies for a Small Business

We may be facing the end of another tax season, but there are plenty of things that you can do right now to reduce your business income tax for next year. Even though the tax laws could change from one year to the next, these helpful tax strategies should still be effective for most small […]

4 Tips on Avoiding Lifestyle Inflation

Lifestyle inflation is a personal finance situation in which a substantial increase in your income doesn’t translate into a commensurate increase in your financial health because your expenses increased as soon as your income increased. The traditional formula for financial health is that your income should be higher than your expenses. Hence, an increase in […]

How Saving Money Can Transform Your Life

You know that saving money on your groceries, clothes, bills and holidays will mean that your bank account looks a lot healthier – but did you know that there are lots of other benefits besides having extra cash? Counting those pennies can literally change your life….

You’ll feel happier. Yes, we’re all familiar with the saying […]

The Hidden Benefits of Decluttering Your Finances

Money matters are always a big issue. As we get older, we encounter more financial responsibilities along the way. If we don’t adopt a positive method for handling our finances, we will run into debt. It is therefore important to declutter your finances so it’s easier to handle those pernickety expenses that blindside you now […]

Personal Finance in Your 30's: Money Moves That Make a Difference

People tend to feel younger with each passing generation. It’s common today, to tell yourself that 30 is the new 20. Many take the idea to mean that it’s okay to take their time — to get married later, or to experiment for longer before they settle down to a career.

There’s at least one way in which […]