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Blue Apron Review - A Non-Chef Takes on Meal Prep

I am not a great cook.  I freely admit this.  But I would love to become a better cook, and so when the opportunity arose to do a Blue Apron review, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve actually been using Blue Apron on and off for a while, but I was excited to learn more […]

Analyzing My Spending - Food Costs

In trying to clean up my budget, one thing I’ve really worked to eliminate is eating out.  I’m lucky in that my office is in a great neighborhood with tons of great places to eat, but that means it’s often very tempting to run out and grab lunch.  While I can get something for cheap, […]

Easy Ways to Save on Groceries Without Coupons

I hate coupons.

There.  I said it.  I.  Hate.  Coupons.

Okay, so that’s not quite right.  In general, coupons are a good thing.  They’re a way to save money.  I love saving money.  And if I look through my monthly expenses, one of the biggest and most flexible categories is my grocery bill.  House payment, car payment, […]

Practical Tips for Saving on Groceries

Thanks to the joys of living in one of the more expensive parts of the country, it feels like I spend a lot of money on groceries every month.  I read blog posts about how much people spend to feed a family of four and I think about how there’s no way I could do […]

Convenience Fees

This week, I had a crazy week.  Super crazy.  Busy, not a lot of free time.  So I decided to use an online grocery delivery service.  If you knew just how close I live to a grocery store, you would find this ridiculous.

But I have to admit, it was really convenient.  For a nominal fee, […]