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Frugal Air Conditioning

The weather here has been ridiculous.  Hot and humid.  Depending on where you live, you might be dealing with the same things.  I live in an apartment building where the electric bill is included in my rent, so I don’t worry about the financial implications of running my air conditioner, but I do worry a […]

Saving money and being left out?

A few of my coworkers go on a quick coffee run every morning.  It’s definitely a social outing, and a nice break from the office.  I always bring my coffee to work (saves money and tastes much better), so I’m never invited on these outings.  Sure, I could just go along, but it seems silly […]

Who knew toilet paper was such a big deal?

The other day, my roommate accused me of being cheap.  You see, we take turns buying certain things for the apartment – dish detergent, coffee, toilet paper.  The stuff we both use regularly.   There’s no set rule on brands or anything, though if I went and bought 18 rolls of toilet paper, she couldn’t go […]

Frugal vs. Cheap Redux

I’m really enjoying all the comments on yesterday’s post about being frugal versus being cheap.  Sarah made an excellent point.

“To me, frugal is getting the most for your money. Cheap is being frugal at the expense of others.”

I think she hit it right on.  Frugal is being smart about money, and has a fairly positive […]

There's frugal and then there's cheap...

But where do you draw the line?

I think that perhaps there isn’t a defined line between frugal and cheap, but rather it has to do with a person’s perception of things.  For example, a friend of mine lives in a tiny studio apartment.  When her very well-to-do parents come to visit, they stay with her.  […]