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Saving Money on Dental Care

Dental care costs can seem overwhelming at times, ranging from X-rays to braces and orthodontic surgeries. The cost of maintaining your teeth can add up over the years, putting a real strain on your finances. However, according to Miami dentist Dr. Elejabarrieta of Artistic Smiles, there are many ways to reduce your dental fees to […]

One of your Biggest Financial Worries: Health Care Costs are a Big Concern for Many of Us

A Gallup poll from 2016 revealed that healthcare costs are the biggest financial worry for families in the United States. A huge 15 percent of families said that healthcare was the biggest concern for them financially.

That is understandable. Rising healthcare costs are causing problems for families across the country, and medical bills that come out […]

What You Need to Know About Medicare Late Enrollment Penalties

Virtually everyone approaching retirement age knows that Medicare funds most health care expenses after the age of 65. Let’s face it, though: no one relishes getting older. Some near-retirees want to avoid the thought of seeking Medicare as long as possible. That causes them to enroll in the program late. This might seem like a […]

How Much Does Healthcare Really Cost?

Ah, healthcare. So needed, yet so complicated and frustrating for many. Whatever your opinions are of Obamacare (aka the Affordable Healthcare Act) and subsidized health care via your provider, many families are still struggling to pay.

In fact, according to this article, families are sacrificing or giving up things altogether in order to afford health care. […]

Seeking Wellness Without Draining Your Wallet: Ways to Save Money on Your Health Costs

While most NHS treatments are free, there are times when our health can become costly. Things like sight tests, travelling to have NHS treatments, dental work, and so on, can all become quite expensive. However, there are several ways in which you can save on the amount you’re spending on your health.

For example, some groups […]