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Can I Make Money Working From Home?

A number of my friends have recently gotten into the at-home sales business.  Years ago, the big names were Tupperware, Mary Kay, and Avon.  Now there are so many different types of businesses out there.  And I have noticed a lot of people posting about how much money they are making from their business and […]

Race fail

As you probably know, my big hobby is running.  I’m not fast, but I’m committed, and my favorite distance is the half marathon.  For me, it’s a challenge that’s doable with the right training, but still leaves me time to live my life.  Plus there’s usually bling at the end.  I’m a sucker for a […]

Being judgmental

One thing I’m careful to work on is not being judgmental and not jumping to conclusions.  For example, I used to be exasperated when I saw a “big” kid in a stroller – thinking that this kid was clearly old enough to walk and hey, maybe this is how our obesity problem started.  But then […]

Break over?

Clearly, I needed a break from blogging.  Things have been crazy in my life.  I ran a second half marathon last weekend, went to a college football game the weekend before that, and finished up a huge project at work.  I’ve still got a lot going on this month, but I feel a little more […]

Run faster!

This weekend, a bunch of my friends came to town to run the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler.  It was a blast!  Much of the weekend was spent joking about how in college, we were so lazy, we would order pizza rather than walk to the dining hall, and now we were voluntarily running ten miles.  […]