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Take a Hike: Why Some Insurers Increase Your Rates

You’ve been a loyal customer for years now, so why is your insurance company raising your homeowners’ insurance rates? You haven’t filed a claim or missed a payment, so what’s the deal? Well, it’s not you, it’s your insurance company. The hike in your insurance premiums is the result of homeowners filing extensive insurance claims […]

Life, Auto, Home and Health: Ways to Pay for All Your Insurance Needs When Your Budget is Skin Tight

The last thing a lot of people are thinking about when the money is tight is life insurance. That is one of the things that is pushed to the side to worry about at a later date. The problem is that by the time that later date comes it is already often too late.

Investing in […]

Term Life Insurance and Why It's Right For You

This article was sponsored by SelectQuote but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When it comes to planning for the future, there is a lot to think about.  And there are a lot of things we would prefer not to think about.  Retirement?  Fun to think about.  Wills?  Life insurance?  These are things we don’t […]

Reasons Why Your Renters Insurance Rates are Sky High

When we’re renting our first place we’re not really paying attention to anything other than that feeling of “I did it!” We’re proud to be paying our own way for the first time. This new gift of responsibility feels fantastic. Who knew that making that electronic payment would be so exhilarating. You’re taking care of […]

Self-Escrow and Your Mortgage

What goes into mortgage payment?  You borrow money from a mortgage company to buy your house and then you pay it back with interest.  So your mortgage payment is the principal (the amount you borrowed) and the interest, right?


Many times, mortgage companies also require you to pay a portion of your property taxes and home […]