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How Much Interest Does One Million Dollars Earn?

When I started saving for retirement, I wasn’t sure how much money I should save, so I set my first milestone at one million dollars.  I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it.  Of course, the more I save, the more I earn in interest.  But how much interest does one million dollars earn […]

Interest Rates Changing - What Does It Mean?

If you’ve been following the news, you will have read that the Federal Reserve raised the key interest rates from a range of 0%-0.25% to a range of 0.25%-0.5%.

In general, this is good news.  It means that we’re finally seeing true recovery from the economic crisis that started in 2007.  While the Fed has indicated […]

Rising Interest Rates?

Last week, I was listening to news radio on the way to work (side note – when did I become the person who listens to the news rather than a fun morning show?).  They were discussing interest rates and a recent comment from Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen that interest rates could start to […]

Buried in Paperwork and Repairs

I just finished filling out 54 pages of refinancing paperwork for my shiny new mortgage.  I’m excited to be getting a lower interest rate, but it does smart a bit to suddenly be back to 30 years instead of 28.5 years.  Of course, even though I’m not paying extra on the mortgage now, the plan […]

Mortgage Refinancing

I’m in the process of refinancing my mortgage.  My current rate is at 4.875%, and I’ve managed to lock in at a 3.5% rate.  I should have tried to refinance sooner before rates started to rise again.  But either way, that kind of drop isn’t bad.  I’ll break even in around 15 months, maybe less, […]