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Alternative Types of Investing

Have you ever wondered what the term alternative investment really means? An alternative investment is one wherein the asset that is invested in is not one of the more traditional types, like cash, bonds, and stocks. Most of the time, the alternative investment assets will be held by accredited individuals with a high net worth […]

11 Of The Best Ways To Invest Some Spare Cash

Let’s face it; there isn’t anyone on the planet that wants to be penniless and not have enough money to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. As you can imagine, many people are often looking at strategies to increase their net worth and make their money work for them. Sure, they might have jobs to get a […]

Earning Extra Income With Spread Betting

People find a lot of ways to earn extra money, but it’s hard to do it without spending a whole lot of time and energy. Most people have to learn a new skill, often returning to school or getting a certification for a job that will allow them to work a few extra hours. Others […]

How Much Interest Does One Million Dollars Earn?

When I started saving for retirement, I wasn’t sure how much money I should save, so I set my first milestone at one million dollars.  I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it.  Of course, the more I save, the more I earn in interest.  But how much interest does one million dollars earn […]

Investing and Saving: How to Do Both At the Same Time

Investing starts with saving. Before making your first substantial investment, you need to have enough money saved up for it. This is why a recent graduate has different priorities than someone who’s been part of the work force for a few years.

To clarify, investing and saving are two separate things, serving different purposes. Investing is […]