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How Much PPI Are You Owed?

It has been all over the local news on TV and radio – Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is one of the biggest scandals in the banking industry. There are millions of people who may have been mis-sold PPI in the past and could be eligible for compensation if they file a claim so there is […]

Three Ways to Keep Costs Down as You Expand

When you’re out of the difficult set up period of your business it’s natural to want to expand, and often a healthy idea. All too often, standing still is falling behind, and you have to move quickly to keep pace with a changing market. Expanding your business, whether into a new bricks and mortar location, […]

Are You Forgetting About Money You’re Entitled To?

Life’s hard enough as it is. Whether you’re living from paycheck to paycheck or paying off debts for your past sins, it’s difficult keeping a track of all your financial problems while also trying to live a healthy life and keep yourself sane. Unless you’re blessed with a well-paying job and financial freedom, you could […]

Hiring a Lawyer vs. Representing Yourself: Which Offers the Best Value?

If you have to appear in court sometime soon, you will be wondering whether you should hire a lawyer or represent yourself. There are pros and cons attached to both options. And different people have different needs, situations and preferences. But which offers the best value for the average person? Read on to find out.

Hiring […]

Surprising Facts About Money Making Revealed by an Old pPro

If you prefer to earn money, it’s necessary for you to work for it. It is totally reasonable (and expected) that you really want to be aware of it’s truly feasible to earn money writing for Info Barrel for example, it’s just one additional way of income. So you definitely can generate income on Info […]