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Net Worth Update - Down 1.9%

Every quarter or so, I update my net worth.  If you check out the Net Worth Category, you can see a number of years worth of these updates.

What is net worth?  Simply put, it’s your assets minus your liabilities.  For simplicity’s sake, I consider my assets to be all my financial accounts (bank accounts, investment accounts) […]

Mid-Year Net Worth Update

Four times a year, I go through my finances and take a look at what I have and what I owe and figure out a net worth calculation.  I’ve discussed how I put together my net worth before, but basically it’s an accounting of the money I have, my investments, the Zillow value of my […]

Net Worth Update - No Change

Every three months, I update my net worth calculations.  I used to calculate this every month, but I’ve found that spacing out the calculations makes the numbers more meaningful.  And since it takes a solid chunk of time to put it all together, it also makes things easier on me.

My last calculations were done at […]

My Net Worth and How to Track Yours

I’ve been tracking my net worth for a few years now.  I used to post about it monthly, but realized that wasn’t so useful for me and it was probably very boring for you.  So now I post around every three months.

What is net worth?  Well, put simply, it is all of your assets minus […]

October Net Worth Update

Another three months down, another Net Worth Update.

For the first time all year, I’ve had a drop in my net worth.  This quarter, my net worth went down 4.35%.  That’s a pretty substantial drop.  So where did the money go?

The first check is the investments.  That’s the obvious solution.  And there it is.  Every single […]