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Growing My Net Worth

My recent post about celebrity net worth reminded me that it’s time to update my own net worth spreadsheet to see how my net worth is growing.  As I have discussed before, I track my net worth every three months and take a look at how I’m doing towards meeting my goals.  

What goes into […]

My Net Worth Increased 10% in 4 Months!

I increased my Net Worth by 10% in under four months!  Want to know how?  Read on!

Net worth is your total financial worth.  You take all the assets you have – cash accounts, investments, property, personal property – and figure out the value.  Then calculate what you owe to others – mortgage, car loans, student […]

Net Worth Update - Down 1.9%

Every quarter or so, I update my net worth.  If you check out the Net Worth Category, you can see a number of years worth of these updates.

What is net worth?  Simply put, it’s your assets minus your liabilities.  For simplicity’s sake, I consider my assets to be all my financial accounts (bank accounts, investment accounts) […]

Mid-Year Net Worth Update

Four times a year, I go through my finances and take a look at what I have and what I owe and figure out a net worth calculation.  I’ve discussed how I put together my net worth before, but basically it’s an accounting of the money I have, my investments, the Zillow value of my […]

Net Worth Update - No Change

Every three months, I update my net worth calculations.  I used to calculate this every month, but I’ve found that spacing out the calculations makes the numbers more meaningful.  And since it takes a solid chunk of time to put it all together, it also makes things easier on me.

My last calculations were done at […]