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6 Benefits of a Project Management System

All types of businesses, whether big or small, has several plans, tasks, projects and people that needs to be managed. Having a project management system can assist to make it all organized and provide you with solutions on planning and running projects that is both accurate and profitable for the business.

The benefits of a project […]

Must. Get. Organized.

Memorial Day Weekend.  That means summer is officially here.  This is awesome because it means less laundry.

What?  Well, see, I can wear jeans to work during the summer, and jeans just don’t get dirty like my black dress pants.  Therefore, less laundry.

It also means that I have officially missed spring cleaning.  So that’s what I’ve […]

Tricks to a Good Password

How many times a day do you enter a password or a PIN?  It adds up, doesn’t it?  In the first few minutes of my work day, I have typically logged into my work account, my personal e-mail, Twitter, and our HR page.  That’s four different passwords.  Then if I want to blog or check […]

Budgeting My Time

Usually, I’m pretty good at budgeting my time, but as of late, I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed.  Blog entries are getting written late and I still have to finish my Year in Review posts.  I can’t forget about the last half of 2009.  There were some pretty good days in there!

I know that I’m not […]

GTD? Another system?

Over the past week, I’ve been playing with the idea of trying out GTD again – or at least a modified version of GTD.  But the more I read about it, the more I really don’t know that it’s for me.  I can’t see myself successfully using a tickler file, to be honest.

I suppose I […]