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The Costs of Pet Ownership

I was sitting at my desk trying to decide which of my blog topics I wanted to write about this week when my almost 12-year-old cat (one of two) jumped onto my lap demanding attention.  Clearly, my post topic was set.  What are the costs of pet ownership?  Obviously, this depends on the type of […]

The credit cards are on FIRE!

I think my credit cards are smoking right now. There has been a lot of spending over the past week. Planned spending, but still. Those credit card rewards are going to look awesome this month!

Seriously though, I did some re-thinking about my spending.  And maybe I chose the “fun” route over the practical route.  But […]

Moving Your Pets

For me, the most stressful part of my move was how I was going to move the two cats.  While I knew that the boxes would all make it to the house, and I trusted the movers to take care of the furniture, but the cats were a different story.  Some cats do fine going […]

Getting a dog? Know what you're getting into.

I am becoming a terrible blogger.  Can I blame work?  I blame work.  With my shifted position at work, I’m incredibly happy, but also incredibly busy.  Putting in a lot of extra hours, and once I get home, the last thing I want to do is get back on the computer.  I’m trying to figure […]

Some pets are more expensive than others

Two articles about pet expenses and costs caught my eye this morning.

The first was about the value of the Obama’s dog Bo.  Because he was a gift, the Obamas had to report the value, which was estimated at $1,600.

Seems high for a dog, but purebred dogs can be extremely expensive.  So I can’t say I […]