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Retiring Right: What to Do When You Finally Have Time to Spare

Most people look forward to the day when they can say, ‘I will never again have to get up in the morning for something I haven’t chosen to do. I will spend today and tomorrow doing whatever I feel like.’ But for many, after a few months, the reality of filling all that time can […]

Retirement Calculations by Fidelity

April!  Can you believe it!  We’ve made it through a full quarter of the year.  How is everyone’s budget looking?

(Don’t forget, Americans.  Tax returns are due this month.  Get on it.  No one wants to be standing in line at the post office the day the returns are due.)

Earlier this month (so, last week), a […]

5 Tips on Saving Money for Your Retirement

If you haven’t already, you need to start saving up for your old age, today. Many forget that after a particular point in their lives, they will have to live off their pensions or social security benefits. There is no doubt that in order to save up, you have to work hard for a company […]

Retirement Planning

My office recently held a mid-career retirement seminar.  I probably should have attended, but I didn’t.  Unfortunately, due to the need to balance staffing, some slightly older (though not necessarily senior) members of my team attended and I held back.  After all, I’m still early in my career, and there will be other seminars.


It was […]

How much should I save for retirement?

Retirement. It is this mythical life event that I continually hear about at work, but something at I don’t think all that much about since I am so very many years away from it.

But I should be planning. Now is the most important time to be saving for retirement.

So I put money into my 401k […]