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Retirement Planning

My office recently held a mid-career retirement seminar.  I probably should have attended, but I didn’t.  Unfortunately, due to the need to balance staffing, some slightly older (though not necessarily senior) members of my team attended and I held back.  After all, I’m still early in my career, and there will be other seminars.


It was […]

My taxes are almost done!

I am still waiting for one form from my former mortgage company so I can finish my tax returns.  And things are looking good!  Or bad, depending on how you view taxes.

I’m not sure how the state tax return is going to fall out, but it looks like I’m getting a significant chunk of change […]

Check one off the list!

I had a pretty lazy weekend this weekend.  Well, as lazy as one can be when starting the weekend with a ten mile race.  But with Saturday’s race, my spring racing season has come to an end, and now I have time to really work on my house again.

And one thing I got done this […]

Don't give up on retirement!

This article about being able to retire well caught my eye yesterday for a number of reasons.  The first, of course, being the idea that people are panicked about the state of their retirement accounts, but they shouldn’t worry – they can still have a good retirement.  I shouldn’t be one to worry, with 30+ […]

March Net Worth Update (+9.96%)

March was a great month for my net worth!  It increased 9.96%.

I have to be honest.  The majority of that increase was due to some very generous family members who like to share their wealth among the 20-somethings in our family.  I am so thankful for their support.  That money goes straight into savings, of […]