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Okay, so my net worth update is late.  I was out of town for the holiday weekend.  Why?  Because I ran a half marathon!

That’s right, my legs, 13.1 miles, COMPLETE.

It was a hugely exciting accomplishment, though around mile 6, I wondered why in the world I was doing this and couldn’t believe that I actually […]

Money on my mind

I think that maybe I think about finances and value a little too much.

This weekend, I ran a local 5K.  (Yes, I ran a ten mile race last weekend and am running another ten mile race next weekend. I realize I’m crazy.)  When I say local, I mean that it started a few blocks from […]

Run faster!

This weekend, a bunch of my friends came to town to run the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler.  It was a blast!  Much of the weekend was spent joking about how in college, we were so lazy, we would order pizza rather than walk to the dining hall, and now we were voluntarily running ten miles.  […]

The Best Laid Plans

I guess I should have been more clear that I was on vacation over these past few days!  Whoops.  I was just so excited that I forgot to remind everyone to not worry, that I was just out of town and not worrying about blogging.

Sadly, the trip was a bit of a bust.  This was […]

How much does it really cost?

I am a huge fan of breaking down how much something really costs. You buy a box of donuts for $5. If there are 12 donuts in that box, each donut costs you 42 cents. It’s simple. I think a lot of us do this at the grocery store. I know that my grocery store […]