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Paribus Review - Get the Most for Your Money

I recently learned about Paribus, an app that helps you automatically get the best price on a purchase.  There are a number of stores out there that agree to price match, but in order to be sure you’re getting the best deals, you have to be doing a whole lot of monitoring and checking of […]

How Do I Buy LuLaRoe?

So all you’ve been hearing from your friends lately is how amazing the LuLaRoe leggings are. They’re even called “butter leggings” because they’re so incredibly soft. You decide “I had better get some of these leggings! But how in the world do I buy LuLaRoe?”
You can’t just go online and order from the LuLaRoe website. […]

How to Save Money on Party Dresses

The big dance is just around the corner and this is one of those memorable events for your teenager. How can you help your teen score a gorgeous gown for the occasion – without making a huge hole in your family finances?

It’s that time of the year again where you need to prepare for renting […]

Black Friday Shopping Tips

A few weeks ago, I put up a post about Black Friday.  In it, I recommended that if you were going to do Black Friday shopping for any particular items, that you research the current sale prices of the items.  Not the list price, but what stores were actually selling them for.

Did you do it? […]

The Wishlist Plan

When I was a kid, one of my favorite annual events was the arrival of the Sears Holiday Catalog.  This was a giant book, multiple inches thick (at least in my childhood memory) filled with all sorts of wonderful gifts that could be purchased.  Of course, I ignored all the boring household and clothing sections […]