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Spring Cleaning Time!

I don’t know about where you live, but where I live, over the past week, the weather has been gorgeous. Temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s, and maybe even peeking into the 80’s.  It’s a sign that winter has finally ended and spring is on its way.  And you know what spring means?

Spring Cleaning!

Oh, and […]

What is it worth?

As I have mentioned, I’ve been doing the Konmari method of decluttering my home.  I made it through my clothes and accessories, and am working through books and paper right now.  It’s overwhelming how much stuff I’ve been able to get rid of.  I took 9 bags of clothes to Goodwill and have a huge […]

Waste Not, Want Not

John Oliver recently did a segment on food waste in the United States, and the statistics were sobering. 40% of the food produced in the United States goes to waste, and American households throw out 15-20% of the food they purchase.

Some of this has to do with arbitrary “sell by,” “use by,” “best by” dates. […]

Cutting the Cord

I’ve considered canceling my cable before, but I’ve never done anything about it.

Last January, I did ditch the movie channels because I realized I just wasn’t watching enough of them to make it worth it.  They do certainly make it tough though, with the great tv shows that HBO and Showtime have been putting out.  But I […]

Bill Paying Methods: What Works for Me

In a fitness-related Facebook group I’m a part of, one of the members recently posted a picture of her weekly planner, where she keeps all of the various tasks she has to complete that week.  She posted it to share her workout plans, but the thing I noticed was that she had a few notes […]