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What would you do with a raise?

A friend of mine just found out that he is getting a surprise promotion.  His company is restructuring after being sold, and they’re downsizing a bit,  so he was worried that he was going to lose his job.  Instead, he’s getting a huge promotion with a big increase in responsibilities and about a 25% pay […]

Mental spending

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend who was excitedly discussing her holiday bonus.  Amazingly, she works in an industry that’s doing quite well, and her (privately owned) company is paying out bonuses this year.  They don’t know how much they’re getting, but she got an estimated figure from someone allegedly in […]

Britain returning to wartime frugality?

Over the weekend, I stumbled across this article:  Britain urging return to wartime food frugality.

There is growing concern that affordable quality food will become scarce, not due to war, but due to the rising costs of both food and energy.  Of course, this is a problem around the world, but until this article, I hadn’t […]

A downside for the ladies

Yesterday, an AP article discussed that “Women should factor longer life into retirement.”

According to the article, women live an average of 22 years after retirement, while men only live 19 years after retirement, and given the increase in medical costs, women therefore need to save 2% more than men every year for 30 years to […]

Financial Vices

Five Cent Nickel recently asked bloggers to post about their biggest financial vices. I wasn’t sure what this might be off the top of my head. A year ago, I would have said it was books or purchases from Lush. But since putting myself on a budget, I’ve been very good about not spending much […]