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How should I spend a bonus paycheck?

For me, July is a glorious month?  Why?  Because July is a rare three paycheck month.

*cue choir of angels*

I am paid every other week.  Typically, that means two paychecks a month, but with 12 months in a year and 26 paychecks, two months out of the year, I get three paychecks.  Since I use the YNAB […]

Willpower and Money

One of the big things that I want to work on in 2016 is willpower.  I find myself drawn to excesses in two main areas in my life – food and spending.

In the food area, I started really watching what I eat and cutting back on the sugar back in September.  I’ve seen an amazing […]

Spending on Experiences

One of the things I’m currently trying to do is cut back on the amount of stuff that I have.  I’m not trying to live some beautiful simple life, and I’m certainly never going to buy into the Tiny House Movement (though those houses are incredibly adorable), but I do feel like I own too many […]

No Spend Month: The Halfway Point

As of this morning, I have reached the halfway point of my no spend month.   So how’s it going?

Well, before looking at the numbers, a few things that I have been doing:

1.  I stopped looking at all deals sites.  Zip. Zilch.  Nada.  I don’t even open the links.  It’s too easy to see something I […]

Bill Paying Methods: What Works for Me

In a fitness-related Facebook group I’m a part of, one of the members recently posted a picture of her weekly planner, where she keeps all of the various tasks she has to complete that week.  She posted it to share her workout plans, but the thing I noticed was that she had a few notes […]