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LuLaRoe Startup Cost

LuLaRoe is the new big thing in work-at-home sales.  You get to host parties online and at the homes of others, you help people feel great about their new outfits, and you make money.  Sounds like a good plan, right?  But what is the LuLaRoe startup cost like?

With many work-at-home sales programs, you don’t have to […]

Why Does a Mortgage Cost So Much, and Why Should You Pay?

When you start to think about just what a home mortgage is and why some people spend a significant part of their lives even worrying about one (or working to pay one off), then you need to start asking a few basic questions. While you could always have the ability to simply make a subjective […]

8 Tax Deductions That Can Save Your Business a Bundle

Being an entrepreneur in this turbulent economy definitely has its challenges. Rising costs of raw materials, a surging competition, or simply administrative red tape can all have a negative impact on the health of your business. In some cases, business owners are just simply happy to keep their doors open for another fiscal year.

Come tax […]

How I Konmari

Last summer, I learned about Marie Kondo’s method of organizing, called Konmari.  Since then, it seems like “Konmari-ing” your home and decluttering have become even more mainstream, though I have to admit, I’ve fallen off the wagon.

Here’s how I describe Konmari to others.  It’s an organizing and decluttering method that is focused on looking at […]

Unsecured Loan Options

An unsecured loan is one that doesn’t require you to put down any collateral. Since the lender is taking on more risk, they assess your ability to pay back the loan based on your credit score and income. The worse your credit score is, the higher your interest rate will be – if you get […]