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What is an SS-5 Form?

An SS-5 Form is an application for a Social Security card. Typically, you would use this form to apply for Social Security card when your children are born. Additionally, you would also use the SS-5 form if you need a replacement Social Security card or to change incorrect information on your current Social Security card.

Requirements […]

Tax Season Is Upon Us

Happy Tax Season!  

Are those groans I hear?  Sorry, you can’t avoid it.  It’s Tax Time once again.  By now you should have most, if not all, of your tax paperwork.  There are a few forms with a later deadline, but by and large, most people should have everything they need.

First off, do you know […]

Three Smart Year-End Money Moves

Fidelity Investments just sent around their “Three Smart Year-End Money Moves for Women to Get Financially Fit in 2016,” but I think these apply to men as well.  Let’s look at their tips and then I will discuss where I’m at on these tips and what tasks I need to complete.

Year-End Money Tips from Fidelity […]

2016 Tax Benefits Increases

Did you know that your tax benefits change with inflation?  I didn’t, but I admit, I hadn’t put much thought into it.

The IRS recently released the full list of changes for 2016, and you can read the full list at Revenue Procedure 2015-53.  Here are some highlights that I found interesting and useful.  Please note, […]

Donate Wisely

As we are coming to the end of the year, a lot of charities have really put on the push to get your donation dollars.  Additionally, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, which also brings out the call for donations and purchases.

I think donating to charity is an important part of your budget.  (Of course, if […]