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Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Spring is here, and with it comes spring cleaning.  Every year, I’m determined to get my house in order.  Every year, I fail, mostly because I’m tackling much too large of a task.  But I can break the task down into smaller projects.  This year, one of those projects is to spring clean my finances. […]

How Do Income Taxes Work?

Happy Tax Day!  Because April 15 fell on a Saturday this year, US tax returns weren’t due until April 17th.  But why do we pay our taxes on April 15?  And while we’re talking about it, how do income taxes work anyway?

Federal income taxes were created by the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which says “The […]

What to do with a large tax refund

Your 2016 tax return is due April 18, and by now, many of you have already finished filing your returns.  Why wait til the last minute, especially if you’re expecting a refund?  Let’s say you’re getting a decent amount of money back (more than enough to buy you a meal at a casual restaurant).  What […]

The 3 Biggest Tax Mistakes Revealed

Two things are certain in life; death and taxes. For some, filing a tax return can feel like dying a slow and painful death. Unless you’re an accountant, tax returns are never fun and rarely straightforward. They can be incredibly complex to fill out, particularly if you’re completing one on your own. As a result, […]

What is an SS-5 Form?

An SS-5 Form is an application for a Social Security card. Typically, you would use this form to apply for Social Security card when your children are born. Additionally, you would also use the SS-5 form if you need a replacement Social Security card or to change incorrect information on your current Social Security card.

Requirements […]