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The 3 Biggest Tax Mistakes Revealed

Two things are certain in life; death and taxes. For some, filing a tax return can feel like dying a slow and painful death. Unless you’re an accountant, tax returns are never fun and rarely straightforward. They can be incredibly complex to fill out, particularly if you’re completing one on your own. As a result, […]

What is an SS-5 Form?

An SS-5 Form is an application for a Social Security card. Typically, you would use this form to apply for Social Security card when your children are born. Additionally, you would also use the SS-5 form if you need a replacement Social Security card or to change incorrect information on your current Social Security card.

Requirements […]

Tax Season Is Upon Us

Happy Tax Season!  

Are those groans I hear?  Sorry, you can’t avoid it.  It’s Tax Time once again.  By now you should have most, if not all, of your tax paperwork.  There are a few forms with a later deadline, but by and large, most people should have everything they need.

First off, do you know […]

Three Smart Year-End Money Moves

Fidelity Investments just sent around their “Three Smart Year-End Money Moves for Women to Get Financially Fit in 2016,” but I think these apply to men as well.  Let’s look at their tips and then I will discuss where I’m at on these tips and what tasks I need to complete.

Year-End Money Tips from Fidelity […]

2016 Tax Benefits Increases

Did you know that your tax benefits change with inflation?  I didn’t, but I admit, I hadn’t put much thought into it.

The IRS recently released the full list of changes for 2016, and you can read the full list at Revenue Procedure 2015-53.  Here are some highlights that I found interesting and useful.  Please note, […]