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Cutting the Cord: A Two Month Update

Two months ago, I cancelled my cable TV account.  Ditched my home phone as well, since the only reason I kept it around was because it was part of a package with tv and internet.  So far, zero regrets.  It’s amazing.

What’s the Savings Like?

Bottom line, right?  After all, if I wasn’t saving money, it wouldn’t […]

Netflix Review

I’ve had Netflix for almost a year now, so I thought it was time that I do a review.  Obviously, as someone who closely watches my budget, for me, the question is “Is it worth it?”  I’ve been using FeedFliks to track my usage.  Right now, I’m paying around $1.40 per movie.  So yes, it’s […]

Cancel your cable?

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about how they plan to cancel their cable tv.  Not just the movie channels, but all of the channels.  No tv at all.

These people aren’t planning to stop watching, of course.  There’s Netflix for movies and you can find a lot of tv shows online for […]

Frugal Families

Last night, I watched an episode of 17 Kids and Counting (the TLC show that follows the Duggar family).  They were having a job exchange day, where the girls learned to change the oil in a car and how to change a tire, and the boys learned to cook and clean.  All gender stereotypes aside, […]

MTV's True Life

This weekend, I found myself laid up with a bad cold, and I spent much of Sunday afternoon on the couch watching television. I was flipping through the channels and ended up watching a number of episodes of MTV’s True Life. True Life is an award winning documentary series that tackles subjects facing young people […]