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Financial Peer Pressure

Peer pressure.  We think it goes away after high school, but it never really seems to disappear – it just changes.  Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of financial peer pressure among my friends and colleagues.

What is financial peer pressure?   It’s someone trying to convince you to spend money that you would prefer not […]

Small Business Accountant in Key West, FL

The duties of a small business owner are numerous. Without as many resources at your disposal as larger, more established companies, you’re not able to have dedicated departments oversee all the areas of your business, including your bookkeeping. That’s where Robert E. Clark CPA can step in. By hiring a Certified Public Accountant in […]

Spring is in the Air-So Are Allergies: 6 Ways to Deep Clean Your House

With the spring season upon us, we have the perfect opportunity to give our homes the deep clean that they so desperately need after a long winter. As the weather gets warmer and people spend more time outdoors, coming home to a clean and tidy living space makes the days even more enjoyable.

When preparing […]

Making It Happen: How to Create a Budget and Achieve Your Life Goals

Whether you’re paying off debt or saving for retirement, creating a budget is the best way to make your financial dream a reality. But while budgeting can be great for managing finances, it can quickly become overwhelming — especially if the financial plan is overly detailed or unrealistic.

Designing and maintaining a budget doesn’t have to […]

Are Cloud-based Solutions the Best Option for Your Business?

As your business grows, you’ll find that making do with spreadsheets and home grown databases start to cost you time and money. Rather than helping your business grow, they end up holding you back. Information is hard to get at, manual forms get missed or mislaid, to-do lists get out of control and even the […]