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Saturday Links

I made it into the Carnival of Personal Finance this week.  Many many great articles.  I’m still going through the list.  Check it out!

On a totally unrelated noted, if you have HBO, don’t miss Taking Chance, a very powerful film about one Marine’s journey to bring the body of a fallen Marine home to his family.  If you don’t have HBO, check out the film’s website and read the story that inspired the movie.  It doesn’t matter how you feel about this war, our soldiers deserve our help and our respect.

2 comments to Saturday Links

  • Meghan

    Similar to the HBO film, I believe–have you read Things that Carried Him by Chris Jones for Esquire? If you haven’t, you should–it’s an amazing piece of journalism.

  • dawn

    Somewhere along the way, I saw a trailer for “Taking Chance.” Isn’t the lead role, Kevin Bacon?
    I remember that it looked so inspiring …
    I wish I had HBO to watch it!
    I will at least check out the link you gave us –
    dawn @ iowahippiechick